Fergie is having lasagne for Christmas dinner.

The Black Eyed Peas star will spend the festive day with her husband, Josh Duhamel, and her mother, who will cook her signature recipe with special festive ingredients.

She said: ''We're spending Christmas in Los Angeles. My mom will bake her famous lasagne but she makes it special for me with turkey and low-fat ricotta. Then everyone opens presents and makes a huge mess. We have a loud family so it's a party.''

Maybe the 37-year-old and her hunky husband will take time over the festive period to finally start their family, as they have hinted a number of times in 2012 that they are keen to start a family.

Speaking of children, Fergie has said: ''It's definitely something that we're interested in doing. We made no secret of that. We'll be very excited when it happens.''

Josh has also hinted the couple could even adopt a child, saying: ''I would love to [adopt], especially the more you learn about the kids that are out there that need parents. I am a supporter of adoption.''