Fergie and Josh Duhamel talked about having babies on their second date.

The 'LA LOVE' hitmaker, who has 18-month-old son Axl with the 42-year-old actor, admits she was tempted to end their relationship after he told her he wanted five children.

She said: ''We negotiated early on to have two kids, because he said he wanted five. And I was on the date going, 'OK, well, we could be really good friends, but my limit is two.' This was date two or three. That was it. Why waste time?''

'Battle Creek' star Josh, who married to Black Eyed Peas singer in 2009, recently revealed they are ''strategically planning'' to have another child, but Fergie, 39, says they both having busy schedules for the next few months because he is filming his CBS series and she is working on her second solo album.

She said: ''We're gonna have to work it out - figure it out as we go.''

But the couple never spend more than two weeks apart.

The blonde beauty told E! News: ''We came up with that somewhere in our relationship. I can't mark the period, but somehow two weeks became the staple.

''We haven't gone that long in a while, though, because neither of us can be away from each other and Axl. I mean, come on! So, you know, we're going to face those challenges.''