The I’m A Celebrity camp has had to be evacuated due to severe storms in the Australian outback. The celebrities have now been moved from the main camp to take shelter in the Bush Telegraph as the jungle is ht by thunder, lightening and torrential rain.

Vicky Pattinson'I'm a celebrity' contestant Vicky Pattison.

The bad weather has caused equipment used on the show, such as cameras and lighting to lose power in the last few hours, according to The Mirror. Show bosses are now said to be in a race against time to edit tonight’s scheduled programme.

An ITV source said: “We are used to storms here but I have never seen anything like this. This is affecting lights, camera and the action in camp. We had to think of the safety of the celebs so they are taking shelter in the Bush Telegraph.”

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“We hope it will pass quickly but then there will be a clean up operation and we will need to restore power to the cameras as soon as possible so we don’t miss any action.” The camp has only ever been evicted once before, back in 2008. ITV bosses will now have to monitor the situation for the next few hours and are hoping they will not be forced to take the celebs out of the camp entirely.

But before the show even began it faced problems thanks to the weather. According to show boss Tom Gould there was also horrific weather earlier this month when they tested the camp out with a practice run featuring members of the public.“It was the wettest dry run we’ve ever had. In the whole time I’ve been in Australia,” Gould said.

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“I’ve never seen anything like it. It did not stop raining. It didn’t flood, but it was horrible and the creek was really high. It’s amazing how the creek turns from something quite gentle into a torrent going through camp when the rain comes down.”

“It was genuinely scary. It was scary for even some of the crew,” Gould added. "Trying to film in that environment with no let-up at all, you’re completely exposed wherever you’re filming. It was hard. It was a really, really tough few days.”