The Worth It hitmakers enjoyed a day at Waimea Beach on the island of Oahu last week (ends14Jun15) and members of the girl group took on the daring challenge to leap from a towering rock face into the water below.

Hansen shared a video of her jump on, showing her landing in the ocean bottom first. The impact left a painful bruise on the back of her legs and buttocks, and she posted another clip showing her crying while getting the area massaged.

Cabello suffered a similar fate and shared a video from the beach which showed her crying and laughing after the stunt, adding, "It really hurt my butt... I'm never doing that again."

In the caption on, she wrote, "Reality: my butt looks like a galaxy from how many blood vessels I popped. I landed wrong and impacted the water and now the... choreography where we sit on the chair makes me want to sob internally. I also cry like I'm 6. But at least when Im (sic) 80 I can say I was brave and I did it!!! So take that cliff!!!!"

The injuries did not affect their touring commitments.