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Film School 11:11 Single

Ahhhh my two favourite pastimes: Films and music, what could go wrong? Well not a lot to be honest with you! Their album has had a lot of very good press recently and they seem to be one of the bands that you either love or hate!! Film School have had a lot of comparisons to groups like My Bloody Valentine and Pink Floyd and are fast becoming a big hit on both sides of the pond. Film School are a simple yet a deeply intense indie band and this song displays that proudly. 11:11 beats along as a fast song at a slow pace with its grudging guitars fading out for Krayg's enticing lyrics.
Something tells me this band wont really grab your FULL attention and drive you to put down your cheese toastie until you see them live. In each review i do i try to imagine what a group would be live and i truly believe that Film School would be definite scene stealer's amongst any line up!


Adam Prickett

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