Review of Slow Burn Single by Films Of Colour

Now I like a good cover version usually; unfortunately, this is not one of them.

Films Of Colour Slow Burn Single

Whilst you may be of the opinion that some songs remain untouchable and that it would be almost sacrilegious to even go near them, others seem open to interpretation and positively scream out to be given a makeover. You may wince and cringe as X-Factor hopefuls destroy a tune that you hold dear to your heart or you may smile with delight when your favourite artist pulls off an unlikely take of another's song in the Live Lounge. Whatever your opinion, there is no denying that both of these forms of entertainment do serve to sometimes bring a new audience to otherwise undiscovered musical gems. I'm sure that The Goo Goo Dolls weren't expecting their recent foray into the charts but at the same time they'll be a (albeit limited) number of people that will have done more than just downloaded 'Iris'; they will have listened to, and in some cases liked, their other material.

Until I'd watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy (The wife makes me!) some years ago I would have told you that no one should cover 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' by Joy Division. Susanna and Her Magical Orchestra, playing as part of the soundtrack to the episode, changed my mind. This was not Paul Young; this was a well worked and interestingly different version that deserved a listen. You may arrive at that opinion after you hear Films Of Colour's take on David Bowie's Slow Burn. At the very least it may inspire you to take a listen to the original, from his 2001 album Heathen, or some of his other material from the not too distant past. Bowie's producer Tony Visconti is clearly a fan of this version stating, "I think Bowie is one of the most difficult artists to cover, since his versions of his own compositions seem to be definitive versions. (However) After I heard Films of Colour's version I was completely won over."

Films of Colour have tried to make this track their own and have not merely copied the original but, in changing the pace and giving the beat more of a Dance like feel, they have lost the soul and character of the track. One of the overriding qualities of the original was Bowie's gloriously emotive vocal and here, it gets lost as Andy Clutterbuck's manipulated delivery washes away in the mix.

This song is not for me; however, it has won over Visconti to the extent that he is now lined up to work with the band in the future. If you're quick you can download it for free at and judge for yourself.

Andrew Lockwood

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