Finn Wolfhard from 'Stranger Things' made his musical TV debut as the frontman of his band Calpurnia this week on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'. If you haven't already seen their videos, they call to mind that kind of 90s college rock ethos - and we can't get enough of them.

Finn Wolfhard at the MTV Movie and TV AwardsFinn Wolfhard at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

They performed original songs 'City Boy' and 'Greyhound', taking from their new EP 'Scout', last night (July 24th 2018) and they've already reached more than a hundred thousand views combined. Now, it wouldn't be honest to say Calpurnia were a ground-breaking, mind-blowingly masterful band, but there's something captivating and refreshing about this group of four Vancouver-based teens playing raw, angsty music and having real fun with it.

Finn - who plays Mike in Netflix horror series 'Stranger Things' and played Richie Tozier in the 'It' remake - is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the group; his cracked, throaty vocals lending some grungey authenticity to their sound.

Calpurnia came about after 'Stranger Things' became a roaring success, and Finn used it as an opportunity to promote a mini music festival for which he pulled together a few friends - drummer Malcolm Craig who he met on the set of PUP's 'Guilt Trip' music video, guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe and bassist Jack Anderson - to form a band of his own.

Naturally, the majority of Calpurnia fans are also 'Stranger Things' fans, but Finn insists that's 'not a big deal' so much as 'fans' that go and see the band just to see him.

'They're super loyal and incredible, and really do like the music. It's the people who aren't fans of the music and are just there because of Stranger Things that really bother me', he told NME in an interview. Indeed, he constantly has to deal with hecklers whenever he performs live.

'I remember going up on stage... and hearing, 'Where's your girlfriend Eleven?'' He recalled. 'I got one at Toronto and shut them down super hard - in a nice way. They said something like, 'I love Stranger Things' and I was like, 'Cool man, I also like music, which is what's happening right now.''

Their first release was a cover of 'Wanted You' by Chicago indie band Twin Peaks, and they dropped debut EP 'Scout' via Royal Mountain, paradYse and Transgressive Records in June this year. The record was produced by Cadien Lake James from Twin Peaks, and also includes the single 'Louie' and (along with 'City Boy' and 'Greyhound') three other tracks called 'Wasting Time', 'Blame' and 'Waves'.

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Calpurnia's next show is Osheaga Festival in Montreal on August 4th. They are also set to play Boston's Paradise Rock Club, San Francisco's the Fillmore, Raspberry Farm at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Chicago's Riotfest, FEVER in Japan and a homecoming show at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on December 21st.