'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' star Finn Wolfhard thought 'Stranger Things' would prevent him from being cast in the movie.

The 18-year-old actor admitted he was worried that director Jason Reitman wouldn't cast him because his 'Stranger Things' character had previously worn a 'Ghostbusters' costume in an episode of the Netflix series.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I didn’t think I was going to be cast because I was already in 'Stranger Things'. I had worn the ['Ghostbusters'] costume in an episode and I thought maybe that would rub Jason the wrong way but I just immediately said yes."

Jason directed the movie, while his father - original 'Ghostbusters' filmmaker Ivan Reitman - came on board as a producer and Jason joked about working with his dad.

He said: "Our directors chairs were closer then than are right now. They were literally touching and that was wonderful most of the time. But I want you to imagine your parents came with you to work and weighed in on all the decisions you made and if you disagreed whatever you were about to say to them it would begin with the one world you cannot say on set: You cannot say on set, ‘Dad!'”

Ivan added: "We just tried to find the way to control the passion so the best things happened."

And Jason admitted he is thrilled that the movie is getting a theatrical release.

He said: "I love streaming as much as anybody else, it certainly got me through the pandemic. But I love movies, we wanted to make a movie that would be enjoyed like this with an incredible audience, popcorn and great sound. We wanted to make a movie that could be enjoyed like this. The way you experienced the movie in ’84."