Well they did it with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, and now The Flaming Lips are set to turn their attention to another ‘classic’ album, by covering the entirety of The Stone Roses self-titled debut.

That album, released in 1989, was responsible for – among other things – a huge spike in the sales of fisherman’s hats, with fans eager to look like their man, drummer Alan ‘Reni’ Wren. Possibly. Sales of the slightly daft and ultimately flimsy headwear hadn’t been as good as again until the Manchester four-piece got back together again last year. Possibly. So we wonder whether the ‘Lips are seeking for a third coming of hats, or maybe they’re seeking to push their own brand of headgear – tie-dye bandanas perhaps? Although if anyone was going to bring those back it would be Hulk Hogan, and the last thing we (hadn’t) heard, was that his recently leaked sex tape hadn’t made one jot of difference to their sales. Sorry Terry.

Ian Brown of The Stone Roses

Ian Brown of The Stone Roses. The Brits headline Coachella this year

Err, anyway. The Flaming Lips have been reported as covering the album by their trusty fan site The Future Heart who has been posting about it on Twitter, claiming that the project is the continuation of one that’s already seen them record Floyd’s seminal LP, as well as King Crimson’s Playing Hide And Seek With The Ghosts of Dawn. Their report appears to be backed up by Wayne Coyne, who posted the following tweet: “Doin vocals for She bangs The Drum hopin to get Channy of Polica to sing on it too!!!!” He also added a picture of someone recording vocals, their head obscured under a blanket. If it is Channy from Polica that’s pretty good, as Polica are excellent. Though we must admit, the whole thing seems a little odd. Hold onto your hats.