Flavor Flav, rapper and reality-tv star, has been arrested and put in jail after threatening his fiancee's son with a knife, reports the Associated Press.

This is far from Flav's first brush with the law, having been involved in crime since before he even finished school. He was also arrested and jailed for 90 days in the early 90s for shooting at his neighbour (Guardian). Plus he has suffered with a pretty serious illicit drug-use problem, which he is now completely clean from. His entirely cleaned up act lead to a reprieve of success, which began in his appearance of Channel 5's reality TV show 'The Farm' and eventually resulting in him starring in three of his own reality shows since 2006.

This incident allegedly began as a verbal argument between his girlfriend and her teenage son, before Flav got a knife and threatened the teenager. The mother then called 911. TMZ report that he was charged with “felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence”. Of rap-group Public Enemy fame, Flavor Flav was being held for a reported $23k bail in Clark County, Nevada. The Associated Press were unclear as to whether he had a lawyer.