RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS star Flea only found out about a romantic liaison between his sister and the band's frontman Anthony Kiedis when he read the singer's autobiography SCAR TISSUE. The CALIFORNICATION bassist was amazed by the book's content and forced himself to stop reading because it was causing tension within the band. And while he is more than happy for Kiedis to romance his family members, Flea found the vocalist's version of events unsettling. He says, "First time I opened it there was a passage saying something nice about me. Fine. "Second time I picked it up he'd slept with my sister. I found that offensive. That's been a little scuttlebutt around my family. "I mean I don't care that he sleeps with my sister. I hope he had a good time. But when you have a shared history it's hard to read one man's version of it. "I couldn't read the rest of it because I didn't want bad feeling to compromise (the album).