Fleetwood Mac is not making their long-awaited Glastonbury debut this year – the full line up has been announced, the posters have been made. Forget about it. But that doesn’t mean the legendary band won’t in the future, after Christine McVie confirmed the group’s desire to play the world-famous festival to The Daily Star.

Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac perform in Glasgow

Having just picked up her Lifetime Achievement Award at The Ivors, McVie – who re-joined the band full time not long ago, said: "If Michael Eavis provides the wellies I'll be there." It was a double scoop, too, as the singer confirmed that the band is recording another album. "We are making new music right now," she added. "It's half done, then the world tour starts in September."

This isn’t the first time someone from the band has confirmed a desire to play the world’s biggest music festival; back in January 2013, Mick Fleetwood not only confirmed that they had been asked, but he confirmed the reason why they couldn’t and that they’d love to one day. 

"We were asked to do Glastonbury. In fact my sister Sally, my eldest sister - one of her best friends lives right on the property line of the family that runs [the festival], it's their land, and they asked my sister to get hold of me, and I got hold of them. They said, 'We want you to headline the festival this year.' We're not doing it,” he explained to Jo Wiley.

Christine Mcvie Conquered Flying Fears To Rejoin Fleetwood Mac

“It was great to be asked, then we found out if we do that we won't get to play at all of the other places, because people migrate to one place,” he added. "Next year we have said that we'd really like to do it if they still want us. They might want someone else.. 'Nah, you snooze you lose!'" he joked.