Florence Welch hoped she'd get ''picked up'' at her first ever festival.

The Florence + the Machine singer went to England's Reading Festival for the first time in 2000, when she was 14, and secretly hoped she might get chatting to some rockers while Limp Bizkit performed, but thinks he weird style let her down.

She explained: ''I remember [singer] Fred Durst being like, 'Grab a lady, everybody grab a lady!' and me being 14 and really uncomfortable, stood next to these massive fully grown punks, thinking like, 'Maybe someone will pick me up!'

''But no one did. No-one wants a chubby 14 year old in a roller derby T-shirt and ripped fairy wings.''

The festival was a life changing experience for Florence and holds fond memories, particularly the Foo Fighters set she witnessed.

She added: ''I was a grunge kid, a little goth, and I remember wearing my baggy trousers and skate chain and watching Foo Fighters and Silverchair. I remember Dave Grohl getting freaked out by people getting pushed around in the mosh pit and telling everyone to stand still and clap.''

The Reading and Leeds Festivals take place in England between August 24 and 26.