A furniture store's Super Bowl bet - which promised that all items purchased over $6,000 would be refunded should the Denver Broncos lose to the Seattle Seahawks in New Jersey - has lost a local Houston man $7 million.

Peyton ManningPeyton Manning Was Powerless To Stop the Seattle Seahawks Beating the Denver Broncos

Jim "Matresss Mack" McIngvale told customers that if underdogs Seattle turned over Peyton Manning's side, he would effectively give away all furniture sold in the last two weeks, for nothing.

Denver were thrashed in one of the most one-sided Super Bowls of recent times, though McIngvale said on his store's website that he would honor his promise.

"The accountant is pulling his hair out this morning, but the customers are happy and that's what's most important," the perhaps PR savvy owner told ABC News.

"In the long term, we made a lot of happy customers," he told the Houston Chronicle. "That's what it's all about: building customers for life."

Seattle Seahawks FansTriumphant Seattle Seahawks Fans

Thus far, over 1,000 customers have taken advantage of the Houston furniture store's Super Bowl bet and will receive an average of $7,000 in refunds at a celebratory party at the store on February 17, 2014. 

If the gossip surrounding floyd mayweather's Super Bowl bet proves accurate, McIngvale isn't the only person to have lost big money on the disappointing Denver Broncos. Last week, we reported how the boxer allegedly laid down $10.4 million on the team to beat the Seattle Seahawks.