Foo Fighters find it impossible to take a break.

The ‘Learn to Fly’ hitmakers always feel they have made their “last record” when they finish touring an album and promise one another they’ll take some time off, but they rarely go more than a few weeks before frontman Dave Grohl starts writing again.

He told Guitar World magazine: “We kind of work this cycle where we’ll go into the studio and make a record, then we run around playing clubs and doing promo for a couple of months, and then we release the record and tour for a year and a half.

“By the time we’re finished with that cycle, we’re all exhausted and we promise ourselves we’ll never put each other through that f****** hell ever again.

“I say it every f****** time. You should ask my wife. She’s like, ‘I hear it every time – 'I’m exhausted, I’m never doing this again, this is the last record, blah, blah, blah.'“

Pat Smear added: “We always claim we’re going to take this break and then … we miss it.

“We miss each other, we miss making music together.”

Dave concluded: “So within two and a half weeks, I’m demoing s*** and sending it to the band.”

The group’s new album, ‘Medicine at Midnight’, only features nine tracks but the they ditched a number of songs they had recorded because they didn’t fit the mood they were looking for.

Chris Shiflett said: “There were a few things that got recorded that didn’t see the light of day.”

Pat Smear added: “It was a bunch of songs and they were all great and they were all very ‘Foo Fighters’.

“[But then] we did ‘Shame Shame’ and that just changed the direction of the whole process.”

The album runs for just 37 minutes but the ‘All My Life’ hitmakers always knew they wanted to make something “short and sweet”.

Dave said: “We intended on making a record that was short and sweet, because it’s inspired by a certain type of album that we all loved when we were young.

“Like an eighties Bowie record – tight, full of grooves, lots of melodies, that’s it. Let’s go.”