Review of Under The Sun Single by Fortune

With its multiplicity of synths and fresh electro groove, 'Under The Sun' heralds Fortune as something of a French Hot Chip. Expertly blending a bed of solid, funky drums with piano and a moving bass part throughout with a gradual build of many interlocking, Daft Punk-esque synth layers and Lionel Pierres' distinctive vocals, 'Under The Sun' is a fine specimen of a well-produced, infectious, electro-indie track. B-side 'Gimme', amongst a shower of fantastic remixes, though lighter on synths, has the indie punch of the likes of Foals with its electric guitar intro, alternately panned 'ooh oh' backing vocals and another undeniably cool and catchy electro groove.

With this release of the opening two tracks from their album Staring At The Ice Melt, Fortune define themselves as ones to watch, intent on making waves through the British music scene with their Parisian electro pop brilliance.

Fortune Under The Sun Single

Hannah Spencer

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