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16th September 2012

Fact: Foster The People frontman Mark Foster has offered a photographer pal a weightloss challenge - if he loses 80 pounds in eight months, the Pumped Up Kicks singer will hand him $20,000 (£12,500). Andy Barron has been touring the world with the band and Foster has now offered his friend a little cash motivation to shed the bulk. The challenge began on 1 September (12) and Barron has agreed to update fans about his progress on his blog.

7th June 2012

Fact: Foster The People frontman Mark Foster will DJ at a Silent Disco at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee this weekend (09-10Jun12), during which revellers will listen and dance to music on headphones.

16th April 2012

Quote: "I've always been terrified of celebrity and hate being recognised. Being recognised in an airport or having people coming up during dinner for a picture... I don't want to be a d**k, I'm really appreciative that they're fans and they mean well, but it gets to me. I don't know them but they feel they know me." Foster The People star Mark Foster struggles with fame.

5th October 2011

Quote: "People don't know he was an amazing songwriter and he could play bluegrass on guitar better than anybody." Foster The People frontman Mark Foster remembers his former roommate, late actor Brad Renfro, as a talented musician. He died from a heroin overdose in 2008.

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