Actor Michael J. Fox kept his struggle with Parkinson's disease secret for seven years because he feared it would destroy his ability to find work.
The Family Ties star was diagnosed with the debilitating disorder at the height of his career back in 1991.
Fox kept his medical condition from fans and suffered in silence until 1998 when his symptoms became impossible to hide - and he now admits he purposely kept his health battle secret for the sake of his career.
He tells Parade magazine, "I thought, 'Oh my god, are people going to laugh at me if they know I'm sick? Can I still do my work?'"
Shortly after going public, the actor began hiding behind the camera by taking on a number of voice roles like animated movie Stuart Little - but Fox, who now stars in TV show The Good Wife, insists he's finally regained his confidence.
He adds, "People ask me, 'Does it bother you when you shake in front of people?' No. It sometimes bothers me when I can't do what I want, but I don't give a damn how it looks."