MICHAEL J. Fox was mistaken for a drug addict during a recent restaurant outing in New York City, because of his Parkinson's Disease symptoms.
The actor suffers side-effects to the medication he takes to control his condition and a dealer once mistook the signs for withdrawal symptoms and tried to sell him hard drugs.
Fox - who has battled Parkinson's since 1991 - reveals, "(My wife) Tracy and I were at a Japanese restaurant. I was having a reaction to the drugs and I was moving around a lot and it was uncomfortable so I said (to Tracy) 'You finish your meal, I'll wait outside in the street for you.'
"I was out on the street, walking back and forth, waiting for the pill to kick in and the symptoms to go away. And I noticed this guy in a doorway looking at me. And then he started walking towards me. I'm going through my routine, moving here, moving there. And he comes up to me and says, "Are you looking to cop.' You meet all kinds of wonderful people."