Foxes' new album is inspired by heartbreak.

The 'Youth' singer has revealed her new album has been inspired by ''bad stuff'' she went through since the release of her debut LP 'Glorious' last year.

Speaking about new single 'Body Talk', she said: ''Initially the track is about moving on from the past.

''I've had a lot to vent about and that allowed me to write very quickly. You have to go through bad stuff to come out OK on the other side.''

Foxes - whose real name Louisa Rose Allen - admitted she put a ''positive spin'' on her split though, insisting it is empowering and optimistic.

She explained: ''It is kind of a break up song but then it's got a positive spin of just coming out of something.

''Having strength in yourself and being like 'this is going to be fine. I'll get over this.'''

The 26-year-old star revealed she has no plans to write any more songs about her exes though, as she doesn't want to be like Taylor Swift who is renowned for openly addressing her failed relationships in her music.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: ''I'd never do like Taylor Swift and write about my break-ups a lot but she does it b****y well doesn't she?

''I don't tend to write about break ups. This is kind of a one off.''