Actress Fran Drescher is considering adoption at 56 so she can realise her dream of becoming a mother.

The star reveals she has found love again with academic Shiva Ayyadurai and the couple is considering marriage and starting a family.

Drescher tells Closer magazine, "We've been together for only three months and 7,000 years... Everyone loves him, including my ex-husband.

"We've both been married, and we don't need to get married. But life will unfold and we shall see. I've done the big wedding, and I have nothing against marriage at all. I think it's particularly nice if you're having children.

"We've talked about that a little bit, but it's too soon. We have to evaluate whether we feel we're too old or if we could still do it."

If that's not an option, Drescher admits she's up for adoption "or (we can) get an egg donor and surrogate if he wanted to use his sperm."