LATEST: Filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola lost 15 years of computer data during a recent burglary at his Argentinean home. Five thieves broke into The Godfather director's Buenos Aires house and made off with a laptop containing the script for his new movie Tetro, due to start shooting in February (08), writings and family photographs. Coppola wasn't home at the time of the break-in, but the burglars threatened a person who was in the property. Although Coppola has saved copies of the Tetro script elsewhere, on Friday (28Sep07) he issued a plea for the return of a small computer back-up device. He said, "They stole our computers; they got all our data, many years of work. If I could get the back-up back, it would save me years all the photographs of my family, all my writing." A spokesperson for the Hollywood director says he has offered a reward for the back-up's safe return. Tetro is set to star Matt Damon and is about an artistic Italian immigrant family living in Buenos Aires.