Francis Ford Coppola is apparently readying himself to take on his next film, one that will follow a similar Italian-American saga as his most famous film franchise; The Godfather. The veteran filmmaker's plans were revealed in a Hollywood Reporter article earlier this week, which stated that the director is planning on making a movie about an Italian-American family that isn't the Corleones.

THR revealed that the filmmaking great looks to follow a similar time scale and ethnic background to what he concentrated on during the celebrated Godfather movies, with the cinematic family lives from the 1930s to the 1960s being chronicled. The as-yet untitled film has reportedly only just began taking its baby steps towards becoming a fully-fledged release, with Coppola setting up office in the Paramount film studios to develop a coming-of-age story that follows a boy and girl in their late teens.

THR also reported that Coppola is enlisting the help of Courtney Bright and Nicole Daniels to find a suitable cast for the film, and enlisting longtime family collaborator and friend Fred Roos as producer. Coppola is handling the screenplay and story himself from the Paramount office. Bright and Nicole Daniels most recently worked with Francis' daughter Sofia Coppola on her new film The Bling Ring.

This will be the filmmaker's first foray make to Italian-American dynamics since he closed off the Godfather series with 1990’s The Godfather III. Since that time he has largely worked independently, often self-financing or independently funding his films, the most recent being the Val Kilmer vehicle Twixt.

Francis Ford Coppola
The director is returning to the genre that made him as a Hollywood greatFrancis Ford Coppola