Frank Ocean fans could have even more music coming their way, as the R&B star reportedly has hours of unreleased music left over from his Endless and Blonde recording sessions. Speaking to Pitchfork, guitarist Billy "Spaceman" Patterson says was in the studio with Ocean for up to 16 hours at a time during the recording of the albums, and there’s many finished tracks he hasn't heard yet.

Frank OceanCould Frank Ocean soon drop some more new music?

“There’s a lot of stuff that we recorded that I still haven’t heard yet,” he said. “So the whole thing was, ‘What’s going to show up on the record?’ I was talking to Om’Mas and I was saying, ‘Do we know?’ And he said, ‘We’ll know when it comes out.’”

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“When he dropped Endless, I thought that was it. And then, boom, a couple of days later, Blonde. ‘Oh, those songs! I remember them.’ We recorded a lot of music. We had like 14-hour, 15-, 16-hour sessions.

"We’re creating continually. So something may happen, and [Frank might] say, ‘Oh, that’s nice, let’s try this here.’ So it winds up becoming a thing, and then I wind up doing a lot of different kind of textures.”

Patterson appears on 'In Here Somewhere', 'Rushes' and 'Deathwish (ASR)' and possibly 'Slide on Me' and ‘U-N-I-T-Y’, on Endless. On Blonde, he claims to be heard on 'Nights', 'Skyline To', 'Seigfreid', 'Ivy', 'Pink & White', 'Close To You' and possibly 'Pretty Sweet’.

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The guitarist has worked with a diverse range of musicians in the past, from Miles Davis and Sly Stone to Aaliyah and Alicia Keys. “Frank was cool,” he said of Ocean. “He’s a cat. He’s a creative kind of guy that’s very introspective. And he’s got big ears. He hears a lot of things. He’ll hear something and say, ‘Ah, yeah, that’s good.’ We wind up finding the elements that work in a particular sequence of sounds.”