Frank Ocean has sent off a cheque ending a legal spat with burrito giant Chipotle after a dispute over the soundtrack song for the company's Scarecrow advert last year. The R&B singer eschewed discreteness over sharing the cheque with his fans via Tumblr. The cheque was made out to an unknown company for $212,500 but had "F**k Off" scrawled in the 'memo' section.

Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean Was Most Displeased To Have Been Made To Give Chipotle Their Money Back.

The pop star also posted a link to the Wikipedia article for 'Defamation' alongside the cheque image. The money, which is assumed to have been made out to Chipotle, was refunding the advance the company paid for Ocean to sing a cover of 'Pure Imagination' for their emotive 2013 commercial.

Frank Ocean Grammys
Ocean Scrawled A Rude Message On The Cheque.

In the recently filed lawsuit, the company claimed that Ocean refused to record the track because the Chipotle advert featured Chipotle's logo at the end. Believing that Chipotle was in breach when it refused to remove its logo, Frank's people emailed the company saying that the singer was promised final say over the recording and had the right to all subsequent promotional materials tied to the campaign, according to TMZ.

Chipotle decided to run the ad regardless and hired Fiona Apple to sing a haunting and highly effective cover of the song made famous by the original 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie.

Fiona Apple
Turns Out, Fiona Apple Did A Pretty Great Job Instead.

The advert, which launched in September last year, criticises factory farming methods and promotes Chipotle's allegedly more sustainable methods of meat production. The three minute-long commercial encourages viewers to seek out a companion app-based game related to the scenes and characters presented in the video.