It has been over two years since American singer Frank Ocean burst onto the music scene when releasing his debut album 'Channel Orange,' and on Friday (Nov 28th) he finally gave fans something new to listen to as he unveiled a new song called 'Memrise.'

Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean released 'Memrise' on Friday (Nov 28th)

Unlike many of his fellow recording artists, the Grammy Award-winner chose not to put together a huge PR campaign for his new track, but simply uploaded the two-minute-long number to his Tumblr without any buzz.

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'Memrise' is a unique sound compared to Frank's previous material, especially in the way he delivers the lyrics. Rather than using his distinct voice to sing each line, the 27 year-old utilizes more of a spoken-word style, and saves the use of his impressive vocals towards the end of the track.

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The song itself depicts an intimate tale of Frank imagining his lover in a sensual relationship, the lyrics read:

"I memorized the wayward expressions / Never look down / Never let you see me down / I memorized the way no directions / Can I come over now? / I'd like to stay a little while / I memorized your body exposed / I could f--- you all night long / From a memory alone / I never forget a face / Don't go plastic on me?/ Nothing's set in stone / You're not dipped in gold / Dipped in gold / You can't breathe if you're dipped in gold /?You are not on paper / You are not a copy / You're so, you're thick, so thick."

Although it is unknown of 'Memrise' will feature on Frank's highly anticipated second album, but hopefully for his fans sake, more new music is on its way.