Frank Ocean's cousin has insisted he only attacked Chris Brown in self-defence.

The 'Pyramids' hitmaker's relative, Sha'Keir Duarte, who is suing the 'Fine China' singer for $3 million after claiming Chris' bodyguard violently beat him up when the two singers and their entourages got into an heated confrontation outside Westlake Recording Studio in Los Angeles in January, has confirmed he used force against Chris and his entourage but only did it to protect himself and Frank.

In new legal documents, obtained by gossip website, Duarte said he used reasonable and necessary force because Chris's pal, Hood, was allegedly on the attack and needed to be stop.

Last week, Duarte submitted an itemised list of what he is seeking damages for, including $1 million for pain, suffering and inconvenience, and $1 million for emotional distress.

He is also seeking $1 million for punitive damages and an additional $60,000 for medical expenses.

Chris, who is currently undergoing a court ordered 90-day stint at a live-in rehabilitation centre to focus on his anger issues, filed documents to counter-sue last month, in which the star, 24, claimed that Duarte provoked the fight by threatening to kill him.

He also accused Duarte of kicking and punching him, and insisted that he attempted to avoid the altercation ''with the aggressive and hostile Mr. Duarte.''