Frank Skinner has revealed he turned down an offer to voice over the Channel 4 documentary 'Benefits Street'.

The Birmingham native didn't want to degrade anyone who is a resident where he grew up.

Skinner told The Birmingham Mail, he didn't want to be "involved in something where I'm derogatory about people from Birmingham".

"I can imagine there would be a lot of awkward moments in the recording studio when I said 'I'm not going to say that'" he continued. "I really don't want to be on TV criticising Birmingham."

Firstly the comedian, who grew up in Oldbury which is just outside the city, was told that the documentary would represent "community spirit" in James Turner Street, Winson Green.

"They said it was going to be about the community spirit in the street, but I was a bit worried about the topic," he revealed. "They only showed me a very small part of a five-episode series, and I wondered what the rest would be like."

BBC reports, the first episode of 'Benefits Street' garnered more than 300 complaints to Ofcom and approximately 100 to Channel 4.

Benefits Street
'Benefits Street' received a large number of complaints

Skinner added, "I haven't seen the programme yet, but from what I've heard I think I made the right decision."

The show has also received a negative backlash for portraying criminal activities of the street's residents, showing drug use and theft, to name a few.

Last week Channel 4 were on the defence, saying, "At no stage was criminal behaviour encouraged or condoned. All contributors were briefed that if they carried out criminal activity on camera, this could result in criminal investigations after broadcast."

A petition has been created on for the television network to cancel the show for misrepresenting the residents in that area.

Benefits Street
Channel 4 has degraded the residents of the street