Frank Turner will be broadcasting his new documentary 'Get Better: A Film About Frank Turner' next week alongside a live performance from London's Leicester Square. The film is named after his single 'Get Better', which he first released as a music video last year.

Frank TurnerFrank Turner unveils 'Get Better' documentary

The film follows Frank Turner's extensive touring schedule, from his passionate stage performances to his day-to-day life in between shows. He's gotten the chance to take a break from a busy few months and reflect on his career and his relationships with friends, family and his passion for getting inked. He talks about the addiction to touring; to the energy from the dedicated crowds and to the adrenaline of releasing your art on to the world. And he explains what he thinks about the media's perception of him.

The documentary has been directed by filmmaker and photographer Ben Morse in his first feature project. He spent a year with Turner to find out what made him tick. He's best known for doing most of the videos and press photoshoots for Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, and even had his own exhibit for his work with them at House Of Vans in London.

Watch the trailer for 'Get Better' here

The months explored in the film follow the release of Turner's sixth solo album 'Positive Songs for Negative People' which he released in 2015, and his tour included a set at Glastonbury that same year. This year he landed his record-breaking 10th appearance at Reading Festival, which marked his 1,955th live show.

'Get Better: A Film About Frank Turner' will show at select cinemas for one night only on December 13th 2016 and will include a live broadcast of his accompanying gig and Q&A session with a special guest in Leicester Square. It comes the day after the official release of his 'Get Better' single.

Frank Turner's 2000th gig will take place at Nottingham's Rock City on December 15th 2016.