Frankie Muniz has seen "way too much" of Dennis Rodman’s penis.

The 35-year-old actor featured alongside former NBA star Dennis, 61, on the revival of 2000s reality series 'The Surreal Life' on MTV and joked that because he stands at five 5' 5", he was at "perfect dong height" for his 6' 5" co-star.

He said: "It was just so shocking. I’m, unfortunately, like, Dennis Rodman-dong height. I saw way too much of Dennis Rodman’s dong."

The former 'Malcolm in the Middle' star also appeared alongside the likes of Manny MUA, Kim Coles, Tamar Braxton, Stormy Daniels, August Alsina, and CJ Perry on the reality series - which sees a roup of celebrities living together in a mansion the Hollywood Hills for two weeks - was inspired to write a song about Dennis Rodman's genitals and hopes that it makes the final cut of the show when it hits VH1 in October.

He told the New York Post Page Six column: "We made a song about Dennis Rodman’s dong and I hope that makes the show because that was really funny. It would be a number one, for sure!"

Frankie also added that bosses of the reality show did "such a good job" at keeping the stars a secret from one another before filming commenced and thought it was "crazy" when he eventually learned he was going to be living with the former basketball player.

He said: "They did such a good job of hiding who else was going to be in the house. So literally the minute you walk in the house is the first time you see anybody,” he says, detailing his first moments of filming. So your mind is racing: ‘Who’s going to be there? Is it anybody that I know?'

"And then you go in and you see Dennis Rodman and I’m like, ‘Oh man, I’m going to be living with Dennis Rodman. This is going to be crazy!"