Frankie Muniz has suffered a mini-stroke at the age of 25.

The star of Malcolm in the Middle was taken to hospital on Friday (November 30, 2012) when his friends started to notice that he was “acting really weird,” TMZ report. He was having trouble understanding words and struggling to speak, so his friends made sure that he got rushed to hospital.

The doctors told Frankie that he’d suffered a mini-stroke though they’re not currently sure what may have caused it, so they’ve done some tests to get the young actor checked out. Frankie confirmed the news via Twitter, where he told his followers “I was in the hospital last Friday. I suffered a "mini stroke", which was not fun at all. “Have to start taking care of my body!” he added. “Getting old!”

It’s bad timing for Muniz; he’s not exactly getting old but he is celebrating his 26 birthday today – though we’re not sure quite how much celebrating he’ll be able to do, given the circumstances. He was also scheduled to go on tour with his band Kingsfoil, starting on Friday though it looks as though that’s been cancelled, as the men in white coats have ordered him to rest up. Malcolm in the Midlle ended in 2006 after a six year run, which saw Muniz considered one of the most successful teen TV stars of the time. His onscreen dad was played by Bryan Cranston, who went on to star in the Emmy-award wining series Breaking Bad

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