Doctors are completely baffled the mini-stroke that Frankie Muniz suffered last week, TMZ reports. 

According to sources, Frankie, who is now 26 (can you believe it!) was admitted to an Arizona hospital last week after friends were "freaked out" by his strange behaviour. Apparently he couldn't speak and was having trouble understanding people- some common signs of a stroke. He tweeted to his 150,000 followers that he'd been in hospital: 

Strokes are caused by blood clots that stop the blood flow to an area of the brain which stop that part functioning properly. It can result in paralysis, loss of speech or understanding, and in the worst cases, even death. If the clot is small then blood flow often returns without permanent damage being done, but if the clot is larger then the results are much less favorable. Luckily for Muniz his stroke was onyl small and it seems he has returned to normal. 

Muniz hasn't really matched the success that he found in Malcom in the Middle, but according to his twitter profile he's now a drummer in a band called Kingsfoil. The band are set to go on tour on Friday but with doctors orders to "take it easy" he may not be able to enjoy it quite to the full. It really is the worst week for it to happen to the young actor/musician, aside from his tour beginning tomorrow is his birthday!

As yet there have been no details as to what actually happened when he had the stroke, but he's waiting on some test results and undoubtedly the results will be found somewhere online- when we know, you'll know. Anyway, Happy Birthday Frankie- we hope you get better soon.