Frankie Bridge suffered anxiety about coming out of lockdown.

The 31-year-old Saturdays singer - who has sons Parker, six, and Carter, four, with husband Wayne Bridge, 39 - was surprised that the Covid-19 pandemic didn't make her more anxious but admitted that her fears really spiked when she considered getting back to normal life.

She told MailOnline: ''It wasn't too bad for me. It took away any of my anxieties. Not leaving the house or not stressing about any social anxieties or anything like that.

''My anxiety was more about coming out of lockdown. Change is hard. I am someone that suffers from anxiety and there will be people who won't suffer from it usually that will at the moment. You just have to be kind to yourself right now.

''You just have to accept the rules that are being given. If you stick to those, I think you feel safe and you have to accept that things are put in place to help you feel safe but also, be easy on yourself.''

And while Frankie enjoyed spending more time with Wayne during lockdown, she admitted that the ''novelty wore off'' eventually.

She said: ''We're used to spending a lot of time together. Wayne is retired. I'm home more than I used to be.

''When the novelty wore off, we were like, 'this is a lot of time at home.' But now, we've found our groove. You don't have to spend all day everyday together even though you're in the same house.

''It's actually been really nice. I was so busy before lockdown, I was dreaming for a day off. It's been nice to slow down and spend time together. We've really enjoyed it.

''It's hard to kind of get up and have a point to each day. To be forced to slow down like that, it takes a while to ease into it.''