Frankie Bridge ''reached rock bottom'' during her toughest time as she battled with her mental health.

The Saturdays singer admits she knew she needed to get help when she was ''unable to cope with everyday life'' and found herself ''constantly crying'' and always ''exhausted''.

She shared on her Instagram story: ''I was unable to cope with everyday life. I was constantly crying and I felt like I was exhausted and unable to carry on as I was. Something had to change. I'd reached rock bottom.''

And Frankie - who has sons Parker and Carter with her husband Wayne Bridge - admits lockdown has been tough but she has been just ''trying to take each day as it comes''.

She wrote: ''I'm just trying to take each day as it comes, trying not to compare myself to everyone else, and taking advantage of my chance to leave the house for a walk/run to clear my head and be alone. I think you'd be more strange if you didn't need space [during this time]. It doesn't mean you love your family any less. We all need our own time every now and then. We aren't used to being in each other's pockets like this.''

Meanwhile, the 31-year-old singer previously admitted she is worried self-isolation will have an impact on her mental health.

Asked if she's worried the situation will trigger her anxiety, she said: ''Of course. This situation is hard on anyone's mental health. But with my anxiety, it's not warranted so normally I struggle with it for no particular reason. I've told myself that if my anxiety does get bad, I have to be easy on myself.''