Frankie Sandford wants to get arrested.

The brunette beauty wishes she was less well behaved in public, and thinks it would be easy to change and become a bad girl as people are so ''rude'' to her.

She said: ''I wish I was interesting enough to say I'd been arrested. Maybe I need to put more work into being drunk and disorderly; at least you get a good night out of it. Some people are so rude when we're out and I've never punched anyone, so maybe that's what I should do.

''People just want to take the p**s out of you in public to make them look bigger in front of their friends. Whatever happened to manners?''

Frankie's band, The Saturdays, recently landed their first UK number one single, 'What About Us', after six years together and Frankie, 24, thinks it will be a long time before they top the charts again.

Asked how long she thinks the next number one will take, she told Q magazine: ''I'll probably be 100 at that point.''

And asked how she thinks her death will be marked, she added: ''I don't really think it will, will it? I'll most likely be a has-been pop star by then. Nobody will care. Maybe I'll get my second number one though, posthumously.''