Recently signed to Courtney Barnett's Milk! Records, Australian musician Frazer A. Gorman is currently touring the UK to promote his upcoming album. In a recent interview with Contact Music, Gorman talked at length about his strong friendship with Barnett and the state of the Melbourne music scene, as well as taking some time to explain the creation process of his album.

Frazer A. Gorman is set to release 'Slow Gum' on 29th June in US and UKFraser A. Gorman is set to release 'Slow Gum' on 29th June in US and UK

'Slow Gum', Gorman's new album, is made up of songs written over the last five years, and was completed around a year ago. Due to the search for a label, the actual release was delayed, but it is set to land next month in the US and UK, before being released back in Australia a week later. With his work often compared to Lou Reed or Bob Dylan, Gorman still feels this is a great compliment, and explained that "I like those artists so much, so I can't help it and let some of that sound leak into my own sound".

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As well as receiving some help from his touring band when writing the actual music, Gorman explained that he co-produced the album with Dan Luscombe - the guitarist of The Drones. While linearity isn't always important to Gorman when he's listening to album, he did explain that in 'Slow Gum' "if there is a theme, I guess it's mainly about growing up." 

He continued to explain: "I wrote most of the songs in young adulthood, from when I was nineteen. I'm twenty four now and some of the songs are pretty old and have been around for a while and some of them are only a year old and were written when the album was being recorded, so it's sort of an album about maturing, changing from a child into an adult."

 'Slow Gum' is set for release in the US and UK on 29th June, before an Australian release on 3rd July 2015. 

Listen to the new single Shiny Gun: