Rocker Fred Durst has a "phobia" about elections - and insists U.S. President Barack Obama is not the right man for the job.
The Limp Bizkit frontman refused to vote in the American presidential elections last year (08) as he has no faith in the U.S.'s political system.
He is adamant politicians are corrupt - and America has still not found a worthy leader, despite Obama's overwhelming popularity.
Durst tells Kerrang! magazine, "I did not vote. It's a phobia I have, there's something psychological about it. I know it's not responsible, but I've voted for lots of things besides the President - lots of things that have changed children's lives and the planet's life. I just haven't voted for a President because I still believe we haven't found one."
But despite his reservations, Durst is not ruling out pursuing a career in politics: "I could see myself having a very substantial point of view and contribution to helping politics get on the path of being less corrupt. It's so f**king corrupt - it's out of control and it's anarchy."