American rocker Fred Durst has blasted "dumb" music writers for erroneously reporting his son's mother is former Playboy centrefold JENNIFER ROVERO.

The LIMP BIZKIT singer is incensed journalists think the mother of his son Dallas is the 25-year-old nude model.

But, while Fred demands accuracy, in a foul-mouthed rant on his website he spells Jennifer's surname incorrectly as 'Rivero'.

He writes, "I can deal with all the ridiculous things I hear and shrug them off, but I won't deal with the world thinking that my son's mother's name is Jennifer Rivero any longer. My son's mother's name is JENNIFER THAYER.

"It's been wrong everywhere. Just goes to show you that the motherf***er's feeding you this s*** are too dumb to do research and give you at least one easy piece of accurate information.

"All the rest of the, 'He says, she says" s*** is something I can look over, but please get the kid's mother's name right. That's just the way it should be."

28/01/2004 17:23