Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst's New Year juice fast is beginning to reap benefits for the rocker - his new diet is helping him think more clearly.
Durst began his fast on 2 January (12) and promised to keep fans up to date on his progress via posts on website - but the notes quickly became sporadic because the rock star didn't see results immediately.
Now, 10 days in and after a few hungry cheats, the Gold Cobra star admits his diet is beginning to pay off.
He writes, "I am about 2 lbs lights (sic) and definitely feeling better internally. My thoughts are clear and inspired."
And next week (beg16Jan12), Durst is planning on hitting the gym to combine diet with exercise: "I'm going to dive into a heavy cardio, sit ups, and weights routine on Monday. I'm sure that's the next level of fulfillment (sic)."