Fred Durst said the new Limp Bizkit album will sound like Neil Diamond.

When asked about their reformation, Fred said he is delighted to have renewed his friendship with guitarist Wes Borland, who has twice left the group due to personal problems between him and the singer, and ls looking forward to fans hearing their new music.

He said: "I missed Wes a lot, we love being back together. "It was quite natural actually, it was great when we got back together, this is only the beginning though. We've got a new record coming and we're really excited to unleash it on the world. The sound? I would say think Neil Diamond."

The 'Take A Look Around' singer is excited to be back in his band and their recent triumphant return to the stage since reforming in February.

When asked about Limp Bizkit's appearance at the Sonisphere festival in Britain on Sunday (02.08.09) he told BANG Showbiz: "Sonisphere was f***ing amazing. It got confused, but we were the first band to be added to the bill. It's weird."