Fred Savage, the star of the late '80s and '90s show The Wonder Years, has welcomed to the world his third child. This comes at the same time as his brother, Ben Savage, who also welcomes a new child- although this one is fictional and is still in a gestation period- the Boy Meets World spin off, Girl Meets World sees the fictional child of Cory and Topanga, the series not expected to hit until February next year. 

Fred and his wife Jennifer already have two children, Oliver age 6 and Lily age 4. Fred unveiled the news via his twitter page, posting a beautiful instagram photo of his baby sons curled hand, palm face up. Without the fan fair or excitement that would be indicated in a combination of capital letters or exclamation marks, the simple message accompanying the photo almost whispers, 'He's here.' The hand certainly does look as though the baby is asleep. 

Since the end of The Wonder Years in 1993 (which, incidentally we'd love to make a come-back, just like Ben's show) Fred has found work predominantly in comedy. He's lent his voice to animated series such as Kim Possible and Family Guy, but he's also directed a variety of television series, most notably numerous episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.