Freddie Mercury walked out of recording sessions with Michael Jackson because he took his pet chimp to the studio.

The iconic duo were set to collaborate on on 'There Must Be More To Life Than This' nearly 30 years ago, but the tune went uncompleted because Michael refused to record without Bubbles being present in the studio.

In an upcoming new book by showbiz writer David Wigg, he explains: ''Freddie got very angry because Michael made Bubbles sit between them and would turn to the chimp between takes and ask, 'Don't you think that was lovely?' Or, 'Do you think we should do that again?' After a few days of this, Freddie just exploded ... 'I'm not performing with a f*****g chimp sitting next to me each night.'

''He phoned his manager and told him to 'get me out of this zoo.' Freddie then flew back to London, leaving the track musically unfinished.''

Since then, however, Freddie's Queen bandmates Brian May and Roger Taylor have decided to complete it with the help of producer William Orbit.

The tune will be included on new compilation LP 'Queen Forever'.