Freida Pinto took a three-year hiatus because she wanted more ''diverse'' movie roles.

The 32-year-old actress doesn't want to be a ''role model'' and she took a brief time out of her working schedule to ensure she was cast in ''wonderfully written roles''.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper about her career, the brunette beauty said: ''I don't want to make myself a role model.

''I just want to see more of us in diverse and wonderfully written roles.

''I haven't worked a lot in the past three years because of that.''

And the 'Slumdog Millionaire' star has revealed in the past she has taken part in projects she has not ''necessarily'' wanted to do, which helped her to realise she wanted to star in roles she is ''passionate''.

She explained: ''It's very important for me to play something I'm passionate about. I have done stuff in my eight, nine years of being in the industry that I haven't necessarily wanted to do.''

And Freida feels ''fortunate'' she has more control over her career choices and has the power to ''pick and choose'' what projects she takes on.

She explained: ''I know what that feels like now. I feel fortunate I can pick and choose.''