Review of Graveyard Shift Single by Friendship

Review of Friendship's single Graveyard Shift.

Friendship Graveyard Shift Single

London based twosome Friendship, wielding guitar and drums, produce a riff-tastic ear-bashing industrial indie garage wall of noise. if that can be classed as a description.

'The Graveyard Shift' lures you into the feeling that you have found the cousins of Vampire Weekend, for about two seconds. After the Vampire like intro the boys give you an ear-bashing and a pounding rather like Dracula might. The Friendship have a fresh feel to them, and seem to be the obvious, stripped down, move forward from the likes of The Klaxons.

Having recently supported Yeah Yeah Yeah's and been the NME's pick of the week the band should start to achieve more exposure and increase their fanbase. Get a hold of the single or find them on MySpace, it will be a joyous occasion and a education rolled into one.

Pablo Roffey

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