Review of Embrace Destroy EP by FULC


FULC - Embrace Destroy Mini EP - Review


Embrace Destroy Mini EP

28 th February 2005

Stunted Records

Leeds quartet FULC return with their follow-up to previous EP “Biting Insomnia,” with mini album “Embrace Destroy”, a 6 tracker which comes across with ten times the maturity, and with a fast evolution towards clever and impressive song-writing, and sharp musical expression.

FULC- Embrace Destroy Mini EP - Review

Right from the momentum building slow intro to title track “Embrace Destroy,” the quiet loud quiet loud formula momentum is maintained, but the quiet parts are perfectly quiet, and the loud parts ooze passion and are purely frenetic, without losing their pure melodic undertones, a momentum that maintains itself throughout.

Into “Wasting” and you could instantly be at a live gig, right from the 1234 you are into driving, dark drums, and frenetic dark guitars that build up like the electric feeling you get in the countdown to your favourite band donning the stage.

A strong highlight is “Pedestal,” any pre-conceptions you get from the title about the sentiment are likely to be justified, if like me you imagine someone who deserves it being brought down a peg or three:

“Knocked you off your, keep you from your,

Dragged you off your pedestal”

“Pedestal” may be the most grunge-fuelled track and one that shows off the raw, menacing vocals and piercing screams, which send a chill down your spine like someone walking over your grave. Yes “Embrace Destroy” really is that dark, and short and sweet enough to make you scream out for more.

Katherine Tomlinson