Fun Lovin' Criminals star Huey Morgan has reignited his feud with British singer Damon Albarn - branding him an "egomaniac."
Morgan almost came to blows with the former Blur frontman in a London nightclub in 2000 - the American singer took offence when Albarn tried to hug him even though they had only met a handful of times.
The run-in led to Morgan branding Albarn a "c**ksucker" and slamming him for his "rock star" attitude.
And even though a decade has passed, the Fun Lovin' Criminals star is still fuming over Albarn's reaction that night and he refuses to forgive him.
He says, "When any band gets a lot of success there is a crossroads you come to, and you can take it like a man, or turn into a prat like the dude from Blur, Damon Albarn. He's an a**hole. He is like an egomaniac. He said something to me one time and he didn't even know me. He almost got a slap."