Fun Lovin' Criminals star Huey Morgan was surprised to receive "scary" letters from an overeager fan because he is convinced he's too ordinary to obsess over.
The rocker-turned-radio host has allegedly been bombarded by messages from an unnamed female devotee who has a huge crush on him, but Morgan insists she wouldn't be interested if she really knew him.
He tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "I've got a stalker who sends me letters and stuff. But if she met me she'd probably realise there was no point.
"They're romantic letters but also a little bit scary at the same time."
But the Scooby Snacks hitmaker isn't alone - he shares his admirer with fellow U.K. DJ Trevor Nelson.
He adds, "I found out she also writes to Trevor Nelson. I saw him today and I was like, 'Trevor, do you get letters from that crazy girl, too?' And he was like, 'Yep.' Hey, at least she's going after the two best-looking guys in radio."