Grimes Webby AwardsSinger/songerwriter Grimes makes an appearance on 'Take Me Away'

'Wild Heart'

Every great album needs a great opener, and Strange Desire definitely has one in 'Wild Heart.' The track kicks off the record with a charming intro that leads into a bombastic chorus in vein of Fun.'s 'Some Nights.' With lyrics like "No one will ever read the letters or the lies that I told from the years I was changed by crooked hearts," Antonoff displays a sense of honesty in his words unmatched by other bands in the genre, making it one of the record's best songs.

'Take Me Away'

'Take Me Away' is one of the most unique songs that is on Strange Desire. A gem found in the middle of the album, the mid-tempo ethereal jam features guest vocals from singer-songwriter Claire Boucher, also known as Grimes, and it works out perfectly. The duo's vocals, while vastly different, still manage to bounce off and complement each other effortlessly on this atmospheric, electronic track.

'Who I Want You To Love'

Strange Desire comes to a close with another standout in 'Who I Want You To Love.' Clocking in at almost five minutes long, a song that's mostly acoustic turns into an eclectic mix that acts as a jazz driven, electronic outro. Upon its conclusion, you might sit and wonder what just came through your speakers, but what's never been more clear is the mark Bleachers has made with Strange Desire on pop music this year.