Review of Hanging Around Single by Future Kings Of Spain

Future Kings of Spain - Hanging Around
Future Kings of Spain - Hanging Around - Single Review

Future Kings Of Spain

Hanging Around

This trend for extremely similar band names is getting to be a problem. Whilst it seemed acceptable to use the two-syllable/word idea (Coldplay / Radiohead et al), we’ve now got several trends, confusing the hell out of the general public. There’s the obvious and plentiful ‘The’ bands, as well as the smaller ‘number’ school (sum41, blink 182 etcetera). Now it seems we’re getting a new mix, involving locations and/or some member of the monarchy. Kings of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Convenience, or even Future Sound of London. It’s a shame, because bands like these could end up getting lost amongst the carnage and confusion. Hanging Around is a brilliantly moody & evocative track from the three-piece Irish royals, summoning thoughts of the late great American slacker-rock movement mixed with more than a pinch of modern cool.

Mark Danson

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