Review of FUTURE KINGS OF SPAIN Single by Future Kings Of Spain

FUTURE KINGS OF SPAIN: Future Kings Of Spain Out 04/08/2003 Single Review



Out 04/08/2003

The task of overthrowing The Thrills as Ireland’s leaders of the new rock revolution is always going to be a difficult one, but if unpretentiousness, amateur philosophy and frenetic noise are anything to go by then the conspiracy has begun. The opening track and previously released debut single ‘A Place for Everything’ has raw energy epitomised by the high pitched vocals of Joey Wilson, with accompanying crashing guitars. This can only be described as The Hives being fronted by Corey Taylor the ex Slipknot front man.

Music - FUTURE KINGS OF SPAIN: FUTURE KINGS OF SPAIN Out 04/08/2003 Single Review

The album soon settles down, as thrashing guitars and noisy vocals give way to nifty grunge/NU metal with a hint of pop instrumentals plus melancholic and philosophical lyrics. Prime examples being ‘Simple Fact’ and ‘Hanging Around’, the latter number capturing feelings of rejection and longing:

‘What you can’t know now,

Is how I feel to know that you are going, that you are going.’

There is more than a hint of Queens Of The Stone Age in ‘Face I Know’, as the pace picks up again with thundering guitar riffs and angry vocals. This song adds to the variety of the album and gives it some energy, thus ensuring that whatever mood you are in be it a jump around the room energetic one or a morbidly philosophical one; there is something for you on this intriguing debut offering.

David Adair